What is Disc Golf?

The game we love around here is disc golf. It’s game that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. It’s not a hard game to understand (click here for the rules), but like the golf you play with a ball and club, it takes time to master.

However, instead of just reading about disc golf, seeing it will help you understand the game much faster.

As you can see, while it might look like a simple game at first, there’s a lot that goes into it.

The beauty is you can play as casually or seriously as you want. For example, here’s a couple playing a casual round.

And here’s a round of championship level disc golf.

If that wasn’t enough, there’s even disc golf trick shots!

So there you have it. What is disc golf? It’s a fantastic game that can be played with friend, family, casually, competitively, and any other way you can think of.