Ugly Realities of Body Acne for Athletes

Acne cases are a skin condition that can happen on the face, chest, upper arms and back. Back acne (also known as bacne) is formed when pores become clogged just like on the face. Bacne can occur in the form of whiteheads, blackheads, pimples, or cysts.

Why Athletes are More Prone to Outbreaks

However, most acne on the back appears in the form of cysts, the most difficult form of acne to deal with and the one that is most likely to scar. Acne of the back is also a very difficult condition to treat because the back has many sebaceous glands that are more than any other part of the body. So what works for bacne?

If you are looking for ways to get rid of acne of the back, then one of the best remedies is to have your bath regularly using an anti-bacterial cleaning soap. If you can bath twice each day, that would be great as you will be getting rid of the excess oil accumulated and perspiration that has been formed on your skin. These are two of the major causes of acne of the back.

However, you need to be cautious not to over wash your skin as it can cause the area to be dried out and become irritated. This might, in turn, cause you to scratch your skin more which triggers scarring.

Another effective method of treating acne of the back is to apply a 10% benzoyl peroxide gel, lotion or cream. These products are normally available over the counter and should be applied to a clean back every day.

Most of the time, acne of the back is caused by an allergic reaction to something that you come into contact with every day like your detergent. Other times, like if you are an athlete and workout frequently, acne can be a result of both your workout/excess sweat AS WELL AS the supplements you take. Specifically, whey protein has been reported to trigger outbreaks.

A natura bodybuilder explains how acne impacts him and what other athletes can do to combat it:

Some people who have this problem are not aware large amounts of chemical compounds are present in the detergent. If some of these chemicals eventually come in contact with your body, it could make you to a breakout of acne which might be mild or extreme. So at times, changing your detergent can help you to get rid of your acne of the back.

Your diet plan is another aspect that you have to take a look at when dealing with the problem of acne of the back. The meals that you take in plays a big role in your overall health state, including your skin. So if you consume a lot of sweet, junk or oily food, chances are they could be the source of the breakouts.

Therefore by monitoring what you consume and start producing smarter and better-consuming choices, you may see advancements in the overall appearance of your skin and even your back.

Severe Acne on the Back

Sometimes, the back acne might be so severe that you will have to visit the doctor to find a treatment for your condition. This means you will be released prescription drugs to control your back acne.

One of such medication that you may come across is Accutane, a vitamin A type that will be administered to you over some weeks. This medication will assist you to shrink the oil glands that will eventually result in you seeing a decrease in your breakouts.

Acne of the back is a skin condition that lots of people suffer with. However, if your condition is severe or even moderate, then it can be treated and managed. All you have to do is to find out what works for you.