Swing an Axe to Improve Your Stroke?

Disc golf is all about control and concentration. If you see the path, understand the distance, feel the wind, but lose focus, you’ll miss your shot.

Much like club and ball golf, and even sports like basketball, muscle control and memory are very important. Training the right muscle groups can help with your stroke and overall game.

And, much like basketball, while you can practice the movement like a free throw, you can also work to improve your the efficiency of your stroke by appropriately building up your physic.

Target the Right Muscle Groups

Every sport has a certain set of muscles that get most of the work. With disc golf, you end up using your arms and shoulders a lot. However, that doesn’t mean it’s all about having big guns.

What we want to really work on are our shoulders (deltoids), and our back (traps and lats). These muscle groups greatly assist with helping control the consistency of your stroke. Strengthening them also helps to ensure you don’t fade later on in the course and make mistakes due to fatigue.

Choose the Right Exercises

The key to the right build for disc golf is to not to try and stack muscle like a bodybuilder, but to instead add some lean mass to your frame. That means stay away from the power squats and never ending bicep curls.

The type of exercises we’re looking for are functional weight and movement exercises.

An absolutely terrific yet somewhat unconventional workout for helping out your disc golf game is one that you can do outdoors like when you’re flipping discs. You can actually hit all the above mentioned muscle group targets by swinging an axe.

There are lots of different kinds of axes, but what you’re looking for in order to get the right type of swing is a maul.

Mauls have a heavy axe head and are used for splitting logs. This overhead swing, though different that the forward motion in disc golf, targets the exacts muscles you’re aiming for. The wight of the head also helps give you a bit of a cardio workout as well if you keep up a good pace.

Other Exercises to Try

There are plenty of other exercise you can do without the worry of bulking up, since that extra bulk might actually hinder your performance. Some others include:

  • swimming
  • push ups
  • pull ups
  • yoga
  • racket sports

You can probably think of some others as well, especially if you get creative. The main idea though is to work those shoulder and back muscles without getting too big.

Round Up

Disc gold can be purely fun, extremely competitive, or a mix of both. It’s whatever you want it to be. But, if you’re at all into the competition of it, you cannot neglect the physical side of the game.

Swinging a maul is just one of the more fun ways to help train the right muscles without fear of over doing it. It’s also a way to avoid the indoors, which is something you might appreciate as a disc golfer.